Elevating the technology of Breast Preservation

CMC is first in the region to offer SAVI SCOUT®, an advanced FDA approved surgical technology for breast care.CMC is first in the region to offer SAVI SCOUT®, an advanced FDA approved surgical technology for breast care.

Published 9/15/2015

New tool for Lumpectomy Surgery
CMC is first in the region to offer SAVI SCOUT®, an advanced FDA approved surgical technology for breast care.  SAVI SCOUT helps surgeons “tag” benign or malignant lesions for removal, which simplifies the lumpectomy experience for patients, while offering increased precision in the removal of tissue. By preserving as much healthy breast tissue as possible, SAVI SCOUT can minimize the cosmetic effect of surgery.   
Often a lumpectomy is performed before the woman or her health 
care provider can feel the lump and is only identifiable with breast imaging.  The non-palpable lump has traditionally been localized with a guide wire placed on the day of surgery, which serves as a target for the surgeon.  Many women find guide wires uncomfortable and unsettling because a few inches of wire protrudes from the skin.
How does SAVI SCOUT work?
SAVI SCOUT can be used to localize the lump up to seven days before surgery, which makes for a more streamlined surgical day. “By placing the SAVI SCOUT on a day other than the surgical day, the patient is more relaxed,” said Elizabeth Angelakis, MD, Chief of Breast Imaging, at CMC’s Breast Care Center. Angelakis explains that placement of the mini reflector clip is similar to the technique of guide wire placement but that the end result, with the clip entirely contained within the breast, is a much more positive experience for the patient.  

The SAVI SCOUT technology involves placement of a mini reflector clip into the breast using mammographic or ultrasound guidance.  It stays in place until the lumpectomy.  During the surgery, the surgeon uses a small sterile probe to communicate directly with the mini reflector clip. This clip guides the precise localization of the non-palpable tumor.  The surgeon removes the reflector clip with the tumor during the outpatient surgery.
Connie Campbell, MD, Surgical Director of Breast Health, CMC Breast Care Center sought out the SAVI SCOUT technology as it is consistent with the program philosophy to minimize the effect of a lumpectomy on patients.  “As a surgeon, I work with the radiologists and anesthesiologists to optimize the surgical experience for the patient.  By uncoupling the localization process from the surgical day, it goes more smoothly for everyone.”  In addition to the SAVI SCOUT probe, Campbell also uses a small probe to identify lymph nodes, which may be involved with cancer during the surgery.  The combination of these two probes allows for small, precise incisions that help patients recover quicker with minimal scarring.  

Studies have shown that more healthy, surrounding tissue can be preserved when tumor localization is performed with SAVI SCOUT versus wire localization.
The team of breast health providers at CMC’s Breast Health Center offers the latest in technology and practice for the detection and treatment of breast disease.  It is located at Bedford Medical Park, on South River Road 603.663.5270.