Medical Leadership

CMC’s Medical Staff leaders are committed not only to our mission of health, healing, and hope, but also to providing the best care and leading-edge treatments to our patients. They are respected in their fields as well as in the community.

Medical Staff Leaders
William Goodman, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, VPMA
John J. Munoz, MD, President, Medical Staff
Robert A. Catania, MD, Vice President, Medical Staff
Patricia Furey, MD, Secretary/Treasurer
William Clutterbuck, MD, Executive Medical Director
Louis I. Fink, MD, Executive Medical Director
Keith A. Stahl, MD, Executive Medical Director

Committee Chairmen
John J. Munoz, MD, Medical Executive Committee
Robert A. Catania, MD, Credentials Committee
William Clutterbuck, MD, Professional Health Committee
Megan DeSantis, Allied Health Committee
William C. Graff, MD, Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee
Alexander Granok, MD, Infection Control Committee
Richard N. Read, MD, Critical Care Committee
Weldon Sanford, MD, Cancer Committee

Department of Surgery
Richard J Tomolonis, MD, Department of Surgery, Chair
Uri M. Ahn, MD, Section of Orthopaedic Surgery, Chief
Steven L. Brown, MD, Section of Plastic Surgery, Chief
Jeffrey Byer, MD, Section of ENT, Chief
Robert Catania, MD, Section of Bariatric Surgery, Chief
Cecilia L. Clemans, MD , Section of OB/GYN, Chief
Patrick Dwyer, DPM, Section of Podiatry, Chief
Ahad Fazelat, MD, Section of Ophthalmology, Chief
Christopher R. Girasole, MD , Section of Urology, Chief
Neal Luther, MD, Section of Neurosurgery, Chief
Weldon Sanford, MD, Section of Pathology, Chief
Glen Steeves, MD, Section of Anesthesiology, Chief
Benjamin M. Westbrook, MD, Section of Cardiovascular Surgery, Chief
Andrew S. Wu, MD, Section of General Surgery, Chief

Department of Medicine
Diane Biron, MD, Department of Medicine, Chair
Mohammad Ashkiani, MD, Section of Hospital Medicine, Chief
Louis I. Fink, MD, Section of Cardiology, Chief
Alan Flanigan, MD, Section of Emergency Medicine, Chief
Robert Sprague, MD, Section of Radiology, Chief
Powen Hsu, MD, Section of Adult Medicine, Chief
Ajay Koshy, MD, Section of Ambulatory Medicine, Chief
Elena Luchanok, MD, Section of Psychiatry, Chief
Richard Read, MD, Section of Pulmonary Medicine, Chief
Erik Shessler, MD, Section of Newborn Care, Chief
Mark Silversmith, MD. Section of Gastroenterology, Chief