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Private Patient Rooms

Building with Heart Campaign
Increased access to private patient rooms
buildsketch.jpgOn any given day, CMC is nearly or completely full. Patients come from our local community and through the Patient Transfer Center from around the region. These are largely patients who cannot be managed in their smaller, rural hospital. Last year, due to space limitations, CMC was forced to turn away 269 of those patients. More than half of them were cardiac patients. This is difficult, inconvenient, and costly for these patients, many of whom wind up having to leave the state to get the care they need. The lost revenue is also significant. 

Additionally, many of our patients need private rooms because of privacy concerns or the complexity of care they require. Having to accommodate this need puts an additional strain on bed capacity and creates a tremendous ripple effect. Bed shortages lead to delayed patient care, poor patient experience and stretched resources.  

Adding up to 90 private patient rooms will help to alleviate these pressures. While we will be able to accommodate more patients, we will also be able to give them a safe, private experience that promotes the healing they expect to receive while at CMC.