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• Patients are assigned a primary care team consisting of physiatrist, registered nurse, social worker, physical therapist, occupational therapist and speech language pathologist. 
 Patients participate in three hours of therapy throughout the course of the day, with the majority of therapy treatments being one-to-one sessions.  
 Full time therapy staff has an average of 15 years experience. 
 Our therapy staff has the following specialties
-Certified hand therapist
-Clinical Specialization in Cardiac, Stroke and Neurological Rehabilitation
-NDT certified clinician
-Certified clinical instructors for therapy student education 
-Speech therapist specializes in treating patients affected by neurological disorders 
-Certified in VitalStim® therapy and certified in reading radiological studies of swallowing function. 
 Our therapy staff has developed excellent working relationships with the prosthetic company,  Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, Inc. and DME vendors in the greater Manchester Area.  
• Families are encouraged to participate in therapy as well as discharge planning
 Therapy staff facilitates the transition home in collaboration with local home care agencies and outpatient rehab services.
 Home evaluations can be completed when necessary. 
 Therapy dogs available for patient visits and social interaction. 

Physical Therapy
 Cardio Pulmonary Clinical Specialist
 WiiTM Rehab 
 Bioness® L300—functional electrical stimulation 
 Lite Gait®—body weight supported walking system
 Standing frame
 Therapeutic exercise bike 
 Taping (Kinesiotape) 
 Prosthetic training / FLO-TEC pre-prosthetic device 
 Orthotic training 
 Ramp access and wheelchair training
 Neuromuscular re-education
 Specialized home exercise program development 

Occupational Therapy 
 Stroke Clinical Specialist 
 Certified Hand Therapist 
 Iontophoresis, functional electrical-stimulation, modalities 
 Custom splint fabrication 
 Vision impairment screenings 
 Retraining with Activities of Daily Living 
-Full size functioning therapy kitchen and laundry
-Full size training bathroom with tub and shower 
-Full bedroom setup 
• Neuromuscular re-education
 Sensory re-education 
 Fine motor coordination and dexterity training 
 Upper body ergometer 
 Taping (Kinesiotape / McConnell taping technique) 

Speech Therapy
 Clinical Specialist in Neurological disorders 
 Speech / language therapy 
 Cognitive-Linguistic therapy 
 Use of current technology during therapy (computer/iPad)
 Dysphagia treatment 
-VitalStim® therapy
-Modified Barium Swallow (radiographic study of swallowing)
 Aphasia Support Group 
 Neuromuscular re-education 

 Bladder management 
 Bowel programs 
 Ostomy care 
 Diabetes Management 
 Complex wound management including wound VACs
 Tracheotomy care 
 Management of tube feedings 
 Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis
 Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses on staff 
 Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
 Pain management 
 Patient and family education and therapeutic carryover 

Additional Services Available
 24 hour hospitalists 
 Diabetic Resource Institute and Endocrinology 
 Wound care team 
 Pulmonologists and respiratory therapists 
 Nutrition services 

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  • (603) 626-2626
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  • (603) 663-6667
  • (603) 669-0413
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  • (603) 663-8000
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Our Mission
"The heart of Catholic Medical Center is to provide health, healing and hope in a manner that offers innovative high quality services, compassion, and respect for the human dignity of every individual who seeks or needs our care as part of Christ's healing ministry through the Catholic Church."