Career Areas at Catholic Medical Center

You'll be at the center of it all with a Catholic Medical Center career. Whether you're a nurse who wants to make a difference, a physician looking to establish a practice or a business professional hoping to take on new challenges, CMC is the perfect place for you to achieve your goals.

Choose a career area below and learn what CMC careers can offer you:

Nursing Physicians Allied Health Professional

Allied Health

As an allied health professional at Catholic Medical Center, you'll have the unique opportunity to work with some of the most advanced equipment and therapies, alongside the most talented and dedicated allied health professionals in practice today.

We offer a level of advanced care and services that rivals some of the nation's largest hospitals. And, with more than 25 subspecialties, you'll enjoy tremendous clinical variety. From hands-on careers, such as physical or occupational therapy, to scientific positions, such as medical lab technologists in our CAP-accredited laboratory, we offer plenty of opportunity for you to establish a satisfying career at the center of it all.

The opportunity to work with the latest, most advanced technologies...more clinical variety...a family-focused environment that defines the essence of "community hospital"'ll find it all in an allied health career at Catholic Medical Center.

"I really appreciate my direct boss. He fosters a positive environment and does not micromanage. He appreciates and rewards hard work and is an excellent example of good customer service. It's clear that the patient is his primary focus, and he recognizes that good care is good business."
Respiratory Therapist, 13 years
Allied Health Careers at Catholic Medical Center