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Available Services:
The BeWell Cancer Survivorship Program offers
the following programs for individuals who are
currently undergoing or have recently completed
cancer treatment:
Oncology Exercise Program
Group exercise classes will be held at The
Wellness Center and will help you learn how
exercise can have a positive effect on your
wellbeing in a warm, caring, supportive
Yoga can help lower tension and anxiety while
promoting and improving a sense of calm and
wellbeing. Various forms of yoga are available for
patients as well as caregivers.
Nutrition Classes
This program provides nutritious eating hints
and tips for overcoming appetite and other
challenges, as well as reducing the discomfort
caused by side effects of the treatment.
Coping with negative emotions and stress can be challenging. Participants learn to stay connected to the present moment through mindfulness, guided relaxation, attention to the body, and self compassion.
Massage Therapy*
Massage therapy can help promote relaxation and an improved sense of wellbeing while reducing stress and alleviating some physical symptoms and side effects of treatment.
Art Therapy*
Participants learn to express emotions where words fall short regarding the emotional and psychological side effects that may be part of their cancer diagnosis and treatment. No art talent is required.
Music Therapy*
Musical activities include playing a musical instrument, listening to a selection of music choices by creating a personal play list, and even learning to write one’s own song. No musical background is required for this activity.
Comfort Cart*
The comfort cart is stocked with reading materials, games, puzzle books, adult coloring books and more to help to pass the time during treatment sessions.
Free Wig Bank
All wigs are new and have been donated by the American Cancer Society. Call the Norris Cotton Cancer Center at 603.629.1828 for more information about this free service.
Support Groups
Groups include Look Good, Feel Better; the Living with Cancer Support Group; and the Lymphedema Support Group.
Health Enrichment Programs
Programs held throughout the year related to cancer prevention and recovery on a variety of topics.

*Therapies available during treatment sessions at Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

For more information about the BeWell Cancer Survivorship Program or our wellness options for high risk patients, call The Wellness Center at CMC at 603.663.6535.

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"The heart of Catholic Medical Center is to provide health, healing and hope in a manner that offers innovative high quality services, compassion, and respect for the human dignity of every individual who seeks or needs our care as part of Christ's healing ministry through the Catholic Church."